Selling the highest-quality goods in Japan and throughout the world with the passion and vision of their makers. Using its strengths in IT and system development, H-Cube is a company that connects customers looking for the best products with small to medium-sized companies across the globe who have those products, but need help in getting their message out. For companies looking to deliver their products with vision and passion to more customers, we offer total support for online shop management and all aspects of customer recruitment, breaking through linguistic and technical barriers to expand business to every country around the globe. With the principle “work is fun,” in mind, we’ll continue to devote ourselves to enjoying every day while we create value and improved service for our customers.


Company NameH-CUBE Co.,Ltd.
PresidentKenji Horibe
Head Office1-7-34, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0003 Japan

EC Business

For resellers looking for products or companies looking to deal in products besides their own, to consumers looking for a cheaper way to procure goods from overseas, we sell products purchased from all over Japan and the rest of the world via our own network for B-to-B (business-to-business) and B-to-C (business-to-consumer) transactions. Through our global network, we have access to a wide array of goods from around the world, expanding sales not only throughout Japan, but in North America and Asia as well.

  • Online Shops
  • Import/Export sales through our global network
  • Wholesale sales for small businesses

Fulfillment Business

For companies capable of direct delivery to end users, such as makers and wholesalers, we can offer total online shop support including inventory control and order processing. Companies with great products, but lacking the ability to sell online, can use our proprietary tools for inventory control and process automatic sales at multiple malls. Further, because we deal with order processing and inquiries, we are capable of handling tasks from order management to shipping. We currently manage a stock of over one million items and can immediately process orders 365 days a year. Because of our expertise in system and tool development, we can also accommodate specific, detailed requests. Focusing on the user’s perspective, we can develop tools suitable for the operation of any business.

  • Outsourcing for store-opening companies
  • Development and sale of tools for back office use

DRM Business

For companies concerned with new business development or customer recruitment, we can utilize internet advertising and direct mailing as tools to attract new clients. With marketing know-how and big data derived from past cases, we can analyze the target and contents of an advertisement, creating effective marketing materials using sales techniques proven through experience. These days advertising alone does not guarantee an increase in customer activity. For companies that have never used the internet to attract customers, or for companies who have failed in their efforts to increase their customer base by using the internet, please let us take care of all your concerns.

  • Customer recruitment
  • New business development support


By simply registering the purchased goods with Amazon FBA and registering as a service on Sale Monster, it will be automatically listed at 7 major malls in Japan, and when it is sold, it will be delivered automatically by Amazon multi-channel.


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